Arizona – Road Trip to Paradise

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My Arizona trip was I must say, the best trip of my life. It changed my life in terms of planning over a vacation. Though popular tourist spots always ring a bell, I now adore the hidden gems more after hiking through Havasu Falls.

I will go over my 7-day trip through several posts in the succeeding days so I can share my beautiful experience in detail. It’s a trip that everyone MUST do once in their lifetime and I swear, you’ll thank me later (or I can take a Snickers chocolate bar.)

Day 1 and 2

New York – Las Vegas

We opted to fly to and from Las Vegas for the apparent reason that the plane ticket was way cheaper than flying to and from Arizona. Also, the fact that my boy friend then (now my boyfriend) and my Japanese friend haven’t been to Vegas, we snatched a flight to the sin city.

We arrived in Las Vegas at around 11 in the morning. Our planned was to go directly to rent-a-car services, get our car and make our way to Havasupai. But I guess fate has a different plan on us. When we get to the rental services, we had a problem in getting a car. So much issues in terms of the driver’s license, age and the price was unreasonably high. It was $200 per day and we were planning to rent it for 3 days. I remember that it was a holiday and Valentine’s Day was also coming hence, the high price tag. For you to avoid very expensive fees, you better book your car in advance.

Since we can’t book our car for 3 days, we decided to stay in Vegas for a day and book another car the day after since it’s way cheaper than the day we landed.

That unplanned stay in Vegas for a day means we didn’t have a place to stay for a night. While we were munching our lunch at the infamous In and Out, we were also looking for a hotel where we can a spend a night. But out of all the numerous hotels and motels in the sin city all of them were fully booked.

We tried booking via airbnb and to our luck we were able to find one. The host said her listed room is booked as well but she has an available room in Caesars Palace that we can use. It was two queen bed for only $90. I guess luck was still at hand because we had a stunning view from our room and a jacuzzi to make our night more relaxing.

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After we rest and showered we head out to Fremont to experience the old Las Vegas. We feast our eyes and ears with lights illuminating the streets of Fremont and the live band that was performing at the top of their lungs. After spending few hours we went back to our hotel and called it a night. Real adventure awaits us the day after.


For our second day, we head back to the airport and snagged a cheaper car to make our way to Havasupai. The trip from Las Vegas to Arizona was the most scenic drive that I saw. We couldn’t help ourselves but to literally make a quick stop to take a snap or should I say snapssss in the middle of the road.

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After an almost five hours of driving with zero network service we finally dropped our anchor in Hualapai Hilltop. It was almost dusk by the time we get there. The whole gang decided to make the biggest hike of our lives the day after since it’ll take about five hours to reach the Supai village.


The only place where we got our signal back from our cellphones was in Kingsman. We were able to booked a cheap inn ($60) for a night though it was I believe one to two hours away from Hualapai.

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Catch my Havasupai hiking experience in the coming days and trust me, you’ll never going to regret it.


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  1. Awesome post! And Great pictures!! Seems like you had a great time.


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