Effective Blackhead Remover



Let’s talk about B-E-A-U-T-Y!

Not the main character in the movie Beauty and the Beast (she’s my ultimate girl crush, btw!) but the thing that makes you G-L-O-W!

Though I would like to say that I am an expert when it comes to skin care truthfully, I am still learning the hacks of it. But before I get into details I would like to share some disclaimers as listed below:

  • I am no way a skin expert (mentioned it twice for emphasis!)
  • If it worked for me this does not mean that it will also work for you
  • All the products that I’ll mention is purely based on personal experience and is not sponsored.
  • I am an oily to combination skin
  • My skin as of today is not perfect but significantly improved after learning how to take care of it.

Blackheads and whiteheads have been my biggest problems for years given that I have an oily skin. Back when I was in Manila I was able to control it because of monthly facials and regular visit to my dermatologist. Doing this in the Philippines is not really a big issue monetarily because it is very affordable.

When I came here in the USA regular facial visits will cost me an arm and a leg! That’s the time blackheads and whiteheads became an issue for me. For some reason I could not get rid of them. They cling to me as if they can get money from me. 🙂

That was before I get to discover these products that literally changed my life.

  1. Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack


What is it: Its promise is to remove those pesky blackheads and whiteheads without squeezing your nose with three simple steps. The first step will open up your pores to bring the trapped sebum to the surface of your nose. After 10-15 minutes you can remove the mask then remove the sebum with a use of cotton swab or comedo remover. The second mask is to tightened the open pores. The third one that you need to apply is the serum that will help you to restrain any sebum build up.

My Verdict: It’s true to its promise! After leaving the first mask to your nose for 15 minutes you can gently remove the sebum without a sweat! I totally loved it because I don’t need to damage my skin by squeezing it too hard. All my whiteheads were totally gone after one time using. The skin around my nose was soft and glowing.

Cons: Though it significantly removed my whiteheads, I noticed that my blackheads were still intact. Also, after a week I noticed that my whiteheads were beginning to appear.

2. My Scheming Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask Set


What is it: It is a three-step sebum remover from Taiwan. Basically, it has the same step and purpose like Skinmiso. The only difference is, it can cover all the spots on your nose since it is in liquid form. You’ll have to wait for it to dry like a consistency of a nose pore strip before removing it completely.

My Verdict: I actually like this one better than the Skinmiso for several reasons. One, it works with both blackheads and whiteheads. Two, the liquid form makes it possible to reach all the sides of my nose and expands it more to places I want it on. Say, around my chin, cheek and down my nose. Three, I was able to see the result after one time use. The moment I removed the mask, there I saw all the trapped sebum. Gaaah! It was so satisfying to see. I actually let my boyfriend used this and he liked it as well. And fourth, who can beat a $13 product that works really really well?

Cons: The only thing that concerns me is the drying time of the mask. It takes about 30 minutes or so for it to dry completely. Also, sometimes when I removed the mask I see some holes even if I already put a good amount of the charcoal. That being said, some of my sebum weren’t removed completely and I had to do it all over again.

3. Clarisonic Mia 2 Skin Cleansing System

FullSizeRender 160

What is it: It’s a cleansing brush with 300 micro-masssage movements that will remove oil, dirt and make up on your face better than hands alone. It claims to be safe for everyday use and therefore it will prevent sebum build up making pores to appear smaller. It automatically shuts off after a minute and it has a timer concentrating on t-zone area. It promises to have a smoother, cleaner and brighter skin. Perfect for a make up ready and flawless skin.

My Verdict: This, right here changed my life. This is the most worth it product that I’ve purchased. It’s very gentle for everyday use but I only use mine during night time in cold season because my skin gets too dry during winter time. I highly suggest to use a moisturizer when using this product to have more perfect skin. After a week of using this I saw a huge difference already. Not only it removed my whiteheads and blackheads but it made my skin soft, smoother and glowing. My boyfriend started to compliment my skin even more. Furthermore, it made my moisturizer, essences, and serum highly effective because my skin absorbs them more. Now, I have zero whiteheads and visibly reduced blackheads. I purchased it a month ago and I am completely in love with it. This is definitely a game changer.

Con: The only issue that I can see with this product is the price. Sephora’s price is $169 but I got mine for $90 at Nordstrom rack with a charger, an extra brush and a free baltic pouch. Isn’t amazing? I am not sure though if they still have it for this price. Nevertheless, this product is worth every penny if you’re more concern about taking care of your skin rather than hiding it with fifty pounds of make up.


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