Bushkill Falls

My friends and I went for few days trip in Poconos, Pennsylvania before the summer ends. One of our itineraries was to reconnect with nature and have a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of NYC. That being said, aside from camping and renting a cabin in the middle of the woods, we went on a hike in Bushkill Falls.


There were few trails to choose from – Beginners, medium and for hikers only. Everything was color coded which was your cue on which trail you’ll follow. As for us, we chose the most difficult one because we are cool like that. Hah! But to be honest, the boyfriend went there a year ago and he said that the difficult one was not that hard to hike. Plus he wants us the see the top part overlooking the mountain.

While we were hiking we saw several little falls like the bridesmaids and bridal veil falls. I actually liked those better than the Bushkill Falls.

The hike was not very strenuous at all. In my opinion, beginners are welcome to hike the longest trail because there were no steep areas and they built steps in some parts so it’s easier to hike. As long as you’re healthy to do it, you should go for it! Besides, the view at the top was all worth it!


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3 thoughts on “Bushkill Falls

  1. Wow that looks AMAZING😍

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  2. I’m glad I stumbled across your blog! Great posts and lovely photos 🙂 This place looks beautiful! xo


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