Year 2018, Thank you, Next

Since this will be the first time that I will be celebrating my New Year’s Eve on the bus, might as well kill my time writing on what 2018 has taught me.

  • When you are at your lowest, try to look at every single blessing that you have even the smallest one. From there, you can get your strength to keep going.
  • I realized how important self-love is. Sometimes there are certain things that you can’t control; prayers that weren’t answered (yet) or trust that has been betrayed. And the only thing that you have is yourself. So sometimes learn to choose “you” because there will come a point that no one can except YOU.
  • Underarm laser hair removal is such a good investment.
  • Learn to celebrate the wins of others even if you are the opposite side of winning. It will make your heart flutter. Your time will come anyway.
  • Don’t compare or else you’ll drown yourself.
  • Friends that can sense that there’s something going on with you without you even saying a single word are goddamn treasure.
  • Those stupid acne that won’t leave your face will eventually go. Truly, patience is a virtue.
  • Since I get to be asked this question a lot of times, this is my take on marriage— I thought I was ready but given the circumstances that came in my way on the latter part of the year, I realized I am not. I thought age would make me do it or being financially stable would make do it but it’s not. Myself in every aspect has to be ready for it. My partner has to be ready for it. My whole relationship should be ready for it.
  • Bubble Milk Tea is a gift from heaven.
  • Don’t be so scared to let go of people who don’t serve you well.
  • Do not underestimate the power of Apple Cider Vinegar.

These are some of the points that made a ring during the year that passed. And because of this, I know that I am walking away year 2018 with a grateful heart.


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