Mohonk mountain house

After 4 months of staying at home, we finally had a chance to go out and enjoy some fresh air not too far from the city. This trip happened right before the summer ends so the weather was perfect to go hiking.

Mohonk Mountain have two options for day guests like us. One, you can pay for a day visit and be able to go and hike their trails. Two, you can make a dining reservation and be able to go inside the mountain house which is not permitted if you only pay for the entrance. We chose the latter part because we were also looking forward to taste their food. And boy, it didn’t disappoint! From what I remembered, we paid $75 for each person for an all you can eat dining experience and that includes the entrance as well as the afternoon tea. In my opinion, it was totally worth it because their food really satisfied our taste buds.

For their hiking trails, they have something for beginners and experienced hikers. Since we hiked with our mom, we opted the easier one which was also great because there were a lot of instragrammable spots. There were little houses on top of the hill where you can take a rest and enjoy the view. As for the difficult trail, we actually tried the first part of it just for fun. On a side note, my boyfriend and I had a chance to go back with our friends from NJ and we tried the labyrinth. It was difficult but fun too! I’ll tell you all about it on a different post. For now, please enjoy our vlog and the drone shots that we took when we reached the summit.

*Please do note that I was vlogging using my native language.


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