What to Know and What to Expect in Lantern Festival


It was my second time to attend such a magical event and it will definitely not the last one (I’m crossing my fingers.)

Since it’s my second time already, I’ll give some pointers on what to expect and where to reserve tickets to this sort-of-tangled-like festival (USA only). Be ready to mesmerize and sing “I See the Light.”


What to know:

  1. Every year The Lantern Fest always bring people together to create a magical night that you’ll never forget. You can check out different locations here and make your registration.
  2. The earlier you purchase the tickets, the better because you’ll get the discounted price which I believe was around $20 per person.
  3. They do provide the lanterns and the sweetest gift of all – the smores!
  4. All ages are welcome! But you need to be 16 years old and above to light up a lantern.


What to expect:

  1. They have performers, music and roasting marshmallows while waiting for the sunset.
  2. It will be held on a big open ground (with lotssss of people) so it is advisable to bring blankets or foldable chairs so you can enjoy the rest of the event.
  3. When we went to Erie, they had good restrooms for us to use but this year in Mohnton, they provided portable toilets.
  4. In East Coast, they usually do this in summer time so it’s a must to take into consideration on what to wear. Considering that there’s a huge amount of people partying with you.
  5. You can put different drawings, motto, wishes or whatever you like on your lantern before you light it up.
  6. They guide everyone how to light the lanterns and when exactly you need to light it up.
  7. Don’t be an a**hole! When we were in Mohnton few people lighted their lanterns ahead of time. Some others lighted it when it was not even sunset. If you do this, you’ll miss the whole concept. So please cooperate!
  8. And lastly, there will A LOT of MAGIC and FUN!




2 thoughts on “What to Know and What to Expect in Lantern Festival

  1. Love this!!


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