Antelope Canyon


The moment I saw Antelope Canyon in popular travel blogger sites I have always been a fan of it and I made it a point to include it on my bucket list. I finally had a chance to cross it off from my list when we went to Arizona two years ago (how time flies so fast! I can’t believe it has been two years already!)

It was the third leg of our trip, I believe and it was a good idea to book for a tour going to Antelope Canyon because we were exhausted from our Havasupai hike. We booked our tour from this site called, tours4fun. You can choose several kinds of tours whichever work with your schedule. Also, they charged a very reasonable price per person plus you get more discounts if you travel by group.

Antelope Canyon has two parts – the Upper Antelope Canyon aka “The Crack” and the Lower Antelope Canyon aka “The Corkscrew”. If I am not mistaken, we went to the Upper part of the canyon. The different rock formations to which by the way, 100% formed by nature, were almost unreal to our very eyes. Each and every formations were unique and almost has its own angle of beauty, depends on where the beams of the light shine through it. The area was dark and the only thing that made it visible was the sunlight which was a perfect combination with the color of the rocks. Also, when you try to touch the rocks, you can feel the smoothness of it. It was unbelievable.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Our tour guide was a Native American descent and so we were rest assured that she knows what she was talking about. She even told us what settings should we make on our cameras so we could take stunning pictures.


The only downside that I saw was the popularity of the place to tourists. I mean, we went there as a group right? Hah! There were so many people inside that it was really hard for us to take pictures without people in it. Our guide was telling us to not to stay too long on one part because another batch of tourists will come over to see the place. Nevertheless, it was definitely one for the books. It was an experience to see how wonderful our nature works.


3 thoughts on “Antelope Canyon

  1. Gorgeous photos! Nature is amazing. ❤


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