A few months ago, when you were sixty percent inebriated and forty percent sober you asked if what do I see in you. Then I’d jokingly reply “I, myself don’t know either.”

But to tell you quite frankly I see more than other people see in you.

Everyone might tell that you are a happy-go-lucky kind of person. That you are good at making witty remarks to lighten up the mood of everyone. But then there’s this other side of you that I am one hundred one percent familiar with— The genuine love you have for your family most especially your parents. Can I just say that if I have never seen this we wouldn’t end up being together? Hah! When we were started dating, I have seen how much you care for them. You are willing to take charge even in the smallest things to make their lives easier. And because of that, I thought that maybe… just maybe I should make a room for you in my life.

The compassion that you have in helping those people who will never have the capacity to return the favour in you. I am talking about the endless homeless guys that we see on subways or along the streets of New York. You are willing to give your dollar to them even if it’s your last cash.

The willingness to listen to all my unfiltered tirades, diatribes or litanies whenever we have animosities. I know that a lot of people can act as if they are listening especially during a heated argument just to end it. But only you can tell that they really listened if they remember the things that upset you and will never do it again. That, my dear, is one of the things that I admire the most about you.

The first year was a struggle for both of us. We had a lot of disagreements because we had so many unfamiliarities with each other.  In fact, we had mastered each other’s quirks, love language, likes, dislikes, etc just this year. Now, we have less and less arguments, we become more forgiving and understanding. I think one of the biggest factors that brought us here is the change that I’ve witnessed in you. A guy who is willing to change to be the best partner that he can be— is the greatest blessing that I could ever ask for.

I admit, we never have a perfect relationship. We constantly challenge it with different beliefs. Many times I have felt I was not the right one for your love and vice versa. Hence, the thought of throwing everything out of the window was always there. But then, there was you who would feel the same but would fight for us. Thank you for continuously believing that this relationship deserves one more try and always one more try.

Not to mention you, being spontaneous, lazy driver (maximum of 3-hour drive only), loves to sleep yet will wake up at 3am when I am sick to make sure I take my medicine, chocolate lover, one who would cry over a heartfelt documentary, creative, smart, a person that could eat 6 to 8 meals a day, procrastinator, who will compute every single cent in everything, but most importantly the one who believes in me so fiercely even at times when I stop believing myself.

I could write endless things about you but I’ll reserve the others for me. So what do I see in you? Plain and simple— a home. Because I’ll choose home every. single. time.



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